Bayer AG Consumer Health Products
Metropark Corporate Center
Somerset Corporate Center VI
Liberty Corner Corporate Center
Ingersoll-Rand Company
BMW at Woodcliff Lake
The Modern
Englehard World Headquarters
Mountain View Corporate Center
Morris Corporate Center I & II
45 Park Avenue
11 Times Square
211 & 219 Mt. Airy Road
Deluxe Check Printers
Somerset Corporate Center I
Tiffany - Customer Service Center
Mountain View Corporate Center
Somerset Corporate Center III & IV
EBI Medical Systems
Somerset Corporate Center II
Morris Corporate Center IV
95 Greene Street
Two Riverfront Plaza
The Prudential Insurance Company
Warren Corporate Center
Montgomery Corporate Center
Morris Corporate Center V
Morris Corporate Center III
EBI Medical Systems
Morris Corporate Center VII
140 Allen Road
Morris Corporate Center VI
Crossroads Business Center
The Commons
Mountain View Corporate Center
Waterfront Corporate Center III
Tiffany - Customer Fulfillment Center
Somerset Corporate Center V
Waterfront Corporate Center I & II
101 Mettlers Road

About SJP Residential

SJP Properties' residential program focuses on the development, marketing and management of luxury rental and for sale multi family housing. During the past twenty years, Allen Goldman, the President and Principal of SJP Residential Properties has been responsible for the development of numerous large scale, award winning projects in the New York/New Jersey metropolitan area. They have included ground up development, redevelopment, repositioning and renovation of highly complex single and multi phase projects.

SJP Residential follows the same sound principles as SJP's commercial development program-it meticulously designs and engineers the product most appropriate for the market, employing the leading architects and consultants in the industry. Then in concert with major construction management firms, it diligently buys out the job it has designed. Lastly, SJP builds the  project precisely in accordance with the approved construction drawings. By carefully following this procedure, change orders are minimized thereby maximizing profitability.   

SJP's program of total attention to detail insures that it builds each project on time and within budget which is largely the reason for SJP's unblemished record of success. It is why SJP has maintained its reputation as the preeminent developer of large scale real estate development projects in its market.

The following are a few representative residential projects SJP has recently developed:
45 Park
The Modern